Red Lantern Strategy | Services
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We are method & platform agnostic, blending or modifying tools & techniques to deliver a custom methodology for each project.



  • Focus Groups

  • Ethnographies

  • In-Depth Interviews

  • Customized Digital Methods

  • Consumer Co-Creation

  • User Experience Labs


Experienced strategists as moderators

Flexible conversations, enabling real-time analysis & iteration

Depth of expertise in B2B, B2C, and hyper-niche audiences

Online approaches that yield ‘face to face’ depth and richness

Rigorous attention to sample design and recruitment process



Careful consideration of sample & sources for each project

Able to deliver against multiple strategic objectives

Develop nuanced questions and measures, leveraging consumer attitudes and language

Creative application of statistical tools

Succinct & impactful storytelling

Planning & Strategy


Our partners seek us out for our point of view, objectivity, and collaborative style. Leverage us as your advisors to think deeply about your challenges, lend an ear to your concerns, or spark conversation with your team. We offer multiple levels of engagement for budgets and teams of all sizes.


  • Executive Workshops

  • Ideation Sessions

  • Expert Interviews

  • Secondary Desk Research

  • Meta-Analyses

  • Strategic Sprints