Red Lantern is a research and strategy firm that illuminates a unique growth path for your brand, business, or idea.

Focus Matters

Approach Matters

A red lantern is a symbol of illumination and luck. But as the old saying goes, luck is the crossroads of preparation and opportunity.

To prepare for every opportunity that lies ahead, we help you focus on the data, details, and story that matter most.

We believe in...
  • — Leveraging where you've been and recognizing where you're going.
  • — Conducting the right research, not research for the sake of research.
  • — Fostering creativity, curiosity and camaraderie through honest communication.

Since your brand, business, or idea is like no other,
we create a custom project design by analyzing
opportunities across two dimensions:

— Your work process
— Your thought process
— Your assets / resources
— Your motivations

— The cultural, economic, and social factors
— The observable trends in similar cases
— The needs and wants of audiences
— The competitive landscape

Over the years, we've tailored our skills
to fit different industries, target unique
audiences, apply varied methods, and
explore distinct opportunities.

Take a look at some of our clients...

Clients Matter

Insight Matters
Insight Matters
Insight Matters

We use a blend of innovative and
proven research and planning
techniques to answer key questions,
set goals, illuminate opportunity,
and inspire strategies for growth.


Research Methodologies
Qualitative focus groups and ethnographies
Quantitative surveys and statistical analyses
In-person interviews
Executive workshops
Mixed method and innovative research design
Landscape analysis
Secondary research

Business Growth Strategy
Business or idea launch
Brand launch
Brand positioning
Brand extension or pivot
Business reinvigoration or optimization
Product development and optimization

Marketing and Sales Strategy
Value proposition development
Target strategy and identification
Communications platform development
Communications concept development
Hook identification

Erica Rutt Gale

Abundant creativity is found in every niche of Erica's expertise. She spends her days working on everything from effective and buzz-worthy study designs to skillful data collection techniques. And when it comes time to communicate her findings, she does so with inspiration and enthusiasm.

Erica's unique talents and entrepreneurial spirit come from years spent in TV (MTV and Nickelodeon), web (IGN and, and other forms of media. Before helping to launch Red Lantern, she was a Partner at Insight Strategy Group, a boutique brand research and strategy firm in New York City.

Thanks to her years working on clients with diverse backgrounds and objectives, Erica has expanded her skill-set and honed her business acumen.

Amelia Sandell

A deeply analytical thinker, Amelia loves uncovering the psychological and cultural factors that shape consumers' relationships to brands. This unique perspective, combined with her creative panache and communication skills, set the stage for high-quality work.

Amelia began her career working in marketing for several major magazines, including Vogue. Her first foray into research took place at the Social Psychology Department of NYU, where she conducted social-cognitive research on person impressions. From there, she became VP of Client Services and head of the fashion practice at Insight Strategy Group.

With years of experience under her belt, Amelia helps clients understand the language of the consumer and their brands' role in consumer identity.

Experience Matters
We are fueled by our social
science-based mindsets and driven
by a shared passion for strategy
and business. Having spent over
15 years in research and strategy
development, Our Principals call
upon their experience (and common
sense) to create practical, actionable,
and accessible plans of action.

Communication Matters

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